Art Frick
Developer - Project Manager - Online Accessibility Specialist


Art Frick is a web developer, project manager, and online accessibility specialist in the greater NYC area. He is a full-time staff member of the University of New Hampshire's Institute on Disability, where he does a lot of Drupal development, assists in developing technical specifications for several grants and programs at the Institute, and is a frequent speaker about online accessibility issues and Drupal.


Art is always looking for new and exciting projects to be involved with! Art's worked extensively with many different web technologies, has presented on online accessibility issues to national audiences, and has spent many years transitioning ideas to reality. He has a fine arts degree from Parsons School of Design, plays lots of rock and roll, and is currently persuing an MBA at the University of New Hampshire.


Art is always working on new projects and has bunches of stuff for you to look at, should you want to. Please get in touch to check our his work!

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